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2014.09.01 print

      UAB “Valstina” has been founded in 1995. Retail gas sales and car washing services are the two core activities, but the company is also successfully operating in the industry of property leasing.  Our company is driven by the implementation of new technologies, therefore we use the most modern equipment and machinery in our gas stations, self-service and automatic car wash stations. In this way we can guarantee the quality of our services and make our company more environmentally friendly.

      We operate in most major cities in Lithuania (Vilnius, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys). Growth, together with new technologies is a very important aspect for our business. We are constantly looking for new locations we could expand to by either building new objects or by purchasing existing ones.

     UAB “Valstina” provides services and offers products not only for retail customers, but for other companies as well. Our loyalty schemes and various payment plans give us flexibility to apply  discounts and provide our customers with other rewarding bonuses. Therefore, the business is relying on returning clientèle, long-term contracts and partnerships.

      We are proud to have attentive, friendly and qualified employees. We care about every single customer and always try to find the most efficient and effective way to solve any arising issues or problems. "Valstina" is always open to new ideas and in cooperation with our customers we are constantly working on improving the quality of our services.

     All in all, our aim is to grow by providing our customers with the best services, new products and fast and efficient service. UAB “Valstina” price policy is to always offer best value for the customer  while maintaining high standards of customer service.

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